Sunday, September 9, 2012

A little touch of Narnia

Today is my last full day in England. What a sad sentence. So, to take my mind off of things, Kristy and Beth took me on a little road trip to Oxford. While we were in town we had Tacos - something that I can get at home but my American friends here very much miss. Beth ate to her hearts content. We then snuck onto campus so Beth could point out her old dorm room and check the lost-and-found for a pillow she left behind last summer. Before we left, we stood below the window of C.S. Lewis' office and took pictures with the nearby lamp post, said to be the inspiration for the lamp post in The Chronicles of Narnia. I wished as hard as I could, but the Narnian's said I am far too grownup to enter through the wardrobe. Now my only wish is that I could stay in England forever.

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