Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Lovely Visit to Bath

My new friends Tanya & Laura invited me on a two day road trip to Bath, Salisbury & Stonehenge. Compliments of Laura's old “reliable” car, we made the 2.5 hour trek to Bath today. On arrival we quickly met up with a free walking tour to get our bearings and hear the history of the city.

Bath is a beautiful city as many of the building are made a limestone. It was first established as a spa with the Latin name, Aquae Sulis ("the waters of Sulis") by the Romans in A.D. 43. However there is evidence that Bath may have been known before that time.

After a quick walk around the city we decided to visit the Bath Abbey. The Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Bath, commonly known as Bath Abbey, is an Anglican parish church and a former Benedictine monastery in Bath, Somerset, England. Founded in the 7th century, Bath Abbey was reorganized in the 10th century and rebuilt in the 12th and 16th centuries; major restoration work was carried out by Sir George Gilbert Scott in the 1860s.

We paid for a tower tour, which included a 212 step climb to the bell tower. On the way up, we visited the ringing chamber and bell chamber. This is where the bell ringers ring the bells on Sundays. We then stood on top of the Abbey’s vaulted ceiling, peering down through a tiny hole in the floor to the chapel below. We were even able sit behind the clock face. At last we made it to the top of the abbey roof where we had the best vantage point in Bath to enjoy the spectacular view of the city.

Bath is so called because it is home to the Roman Bath House. The Romans built baths and a temple on the surrounding hills in the valley of the River Avon around the natural hot springs. The baths are stunningly beautiful. I have been wanted to visit them for many years and am glad I finally had the opportunity to do so.

At last we ended our visit with the Thermae Bath Spa. A modern spa, where we enjoyed swimming in the warm water of their rooftop pool, scented steam rooms and luxury pampering. It is the original and only natural thermal Spa in Britain.

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