Saturday, January 7, 2012

26 & Lovin' It!

Today is my 26th birthday. This is my second birthday in England. I also celebrated my 21st in London with Chapman University's London Theatre tour. Apparently the university students are somewhere in London even now as I write this blog.

Although it is a pretty uneventful day, I am glad to be back in my flat and eager to start the next term. Even though I have many papers to write this month, I took the time to celebrate my birthday with a few close friends at the Dirty Duck.

I am missing home a little bit today. Mostly I miss Mom and Dad. It is tough to be out of the country sometimes, but at the same time I am having the time of my life. It's a bitter sweet birthday when I think about it. This pint is for you Mom and Dad - Thanks for bringing me into the world so I can study Shakespeare. Cheers!

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