Thursday, January 19, 2012

Coriolanus Preview

Tonight I attended the premiere of Coriolanus at the Stratford Picture House. The showing followed with a discussion with Paul Prescott and Paul Edmondson in connection with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

I am very impressed with the film. Ralph Fiennes directs and portrays the title character. Fiennes command of the language is astonishing. He plays the role larger then life, almost too large for the screen, but not quite. I think it is probably the best Shakespeare performance I have seen on the film. His direction brings the play into a modern context, where war rages in "a place like ROME" - A location which represents current events in many part of the world today. I think this is a film that non-Shakesepare buffs will enjoys as much as Shakespeare lovers.

Paul Edmondson blogged on the event at Blogging Shakespeare. The audio commentary between the two Pauls at the bottom of Edmondson's blog entry is very interesting and worth having a listen. Please find the movie trailer below.


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