Thursday, October 13, 2011

Play Reading Thursdays!

As part of the numerous weekly social events at the Shakesepare Institute, we have playreadings every Thursday. I am very excited to take part for three reasons - First, the playreadings will introduce me to plays of Shakespeare's time which I would otherwise would not have read. All the plays read must be of Shakespeare's time, but not Shakespeare. Second, it will give me a chance to develop my cold reading skills. This is a skill that I struggle with at times in auditions, but also in life when I need to read outloud from a text. Third, it brings members of the institute together for discussion. I can't wait to meet new friends at the readings. Word has it that there is wine during the reading and a pub visit after, which will make the event all the more enjoyable.

Tonight is my first play reading. We will be reading Edward II by Christopher Marlowe. As I have performed in an adpatation of this play, I am familar with the text. It should be a great evening!

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