Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend of Rest

This weekend has been filled with relaxation, shopping and studying - Not necessarily in that particular order. I have been spending a lot of time in town in cafes trying to access the internet. So far, McDonalds still has the fastest WiFi in town. However, I am still disapointed because I have not been able to upload any videos of my trip so far.

It was difficult to navigate through town this weekend with the abundance of tourists flooding the streets. I am happy to call myself a local in order to disassociate myself with their madness. I have also started to use the lingo here, in moderation, such as "cheers", "dodgy" and "posh".

Last night I went to a Garden Party on Rothers Street - Then relocated to Cox's Yard for a beer. I am still trying to learn some of the lingo here and feel a little out of place at times. Tonight some of the students are going out to celebrate our first full week in Stratford.

I stopped by the Institute about an hour ago to do some homework in the Library and was happy to find my missing university ID card in my Pigeon Hole (mailbox). Now I can access the building and library by swiping my card at the entrance to get in. This also allows me to check out books - Although, many of the books are not permitted to leave the building because they are rare, expensive, and must remain on the shelves so that anyone can access them at any given time.

My room is finally in order. I just need a wardrobe of some kind so I can fully unpack and stop living out of my suitcase. Here is a recent picture of my newly decorated bedroom:


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