Friday, September 16, 2011

My Studies

A few people have asked me about my program of study, so I thought I would include the description provided by the Shakespeare Institute. Enjoy!

MA in Shakespeare Studies

The programme provides an unrivalled opportunity for graduate level study of all aspects of Shakespeare, drawing on the specialisms of a team of Shakespeare scholars. One of the programme’s areas of specialization relating to its location is performance study, and students will be able to see Shakespeare performed at the Stratford theatres of the Royal Shakespeare Company, and use the RSC archives at the Shakespeare Centre. The combined resources of the Shakespeare Institute's own library and the library of the Shakespeare Centre provide an impressive and rarely equalled resource. The MA in Shakespeare Studies has a strong reputation both in Britain and abroad, and has provided a gateway towards research and an academic career for many of its students, as well as a valued qualification for enhancing employability in a variety of areas including teaching and the arts.

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