Thursday, September 29, 2011

Macbeth at the Royal Shakespeare Company

The Royal Shakespeare Company brings their first performance in the remodeled Royal Shakespeare Theatre to life, with Michael Boyd's Macbeth. The play has been re-envisioned in a way that illuminates the prophecies of the play.

Although Jonathan Singer was cast as Macbeth after performances as Richard II and Richard III in the award-winning 2006 – 2008 Histories Cycle, it was Aidan Kelly who graced the stage as the title character. Kelly attacked the role with vigor, although his relationship with Lady Macbeth lacked passion and intrest.

David Boyd's most controversial reworking of the play is his replacement of the weird sisters with ghost-like children. SPOILER: Later in the production it is revealed that this prophetic youths are actually a projection of Macduff’s innocent children, brutally murdered by Macbeth's minions. Although the concept worked in the world of the play, it seemed an unnecessary addition that in turn eliminated much of Shakespeare's text.

Most noteworthy was the performance given by Daniel Percival as Macduff, whose tragic losses were felt in the last row of the upper circle.

The RSC's Macbeth is truly an unforgettable production, though a mixed bag of greatness and ineffectual intensions. Although, being back in the newly remodeled theatre melted away many disapointments of the day.

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