Saturday, September 24, 2011

Public Bus Adventure

This morning Jean had breakfast ready for us at 9AM. We had a proper English breakfast which included eggs, bacon, and sausage, with orange juice and tea. My stomach is a little off-kilter which made it difficult to eat all of my food. I also remembered that asking for scrambles eggs in England isn't a good idea. They do not cook them through like we do in the states. Also, their bacon is what we call Canadian bacon and looks a little more like Ham.

Jessy and I finished up at breakfast and then went down to the Visitor’s Center to meet with our good friend Barbara. Barbara has been a great help to us, setting up our travel arrangements and even purchasing cell phones for us.

Barbara said that the best way to get Jessy to Coventry was to take the National Express, which we bought tickets for at the Visitor's Center. Unfortunately after walking back to the Bed and Breakfast, then to the bus stop, we missed our bus by less than 1 minute. We then had to walk back to town and take a regular city bus.

We rolled into Coventry a little past 2PM, over an hour later than our predicted 1PM arrival. We located Priory Hall, the dormitory Jessy is staying in. She went to check in and found that she needed a passport picture to get her ID card and keys.

Jessy then went down the street to a local grocery store that had a passport photo booth, while I waiting back at the dorm with her luggage. There was no way we were dragging that back down the street!

After check in, we had to stand in a long line (queue – sound like “Q”) for the elevator (lift). Yes, there was one elevator for the entire building! - With a million parents and students trying to use it!

Finding Jessy's room was not easy. The hallways were maze-like and difficult to keep straight. But in the end it all worked out and Jessy had a private room with a shared bathroom and living area.

I then attempted to catch the National Express again at the main bus station, but failed yet again. The bus station was rather large and I did not know which platform to stand on. Also, since it is Saturday there was no one to help me.

I then walked back to the other bus station and took a different city bus, #16, back to Stratford. This was a 72 minute ride through Warwickshire instead of Lemmington. The only benefit of this was that I was able to drive by Warwick Castle. I did not arrive back in Stratford until almost 6PM. Just in time to grab a bit to eat and head back to the B&B before dark.

I am exhausted! I hope there is time for some household shopping tomorrow before my 3PM meeting at the institute. Wish me sweet dreams!

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